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4 Weeks - Couple Weight Loss Challenge


The 4 week couple weight loss challenge by HealthyChef aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey for couples. The program focuses on building healthy habits, fostering mutual support, and encouraging couples to achieve their fitness goals together. The challenge support includes: 1. Customized Meal Plans 2. Door Delivery of Planned Meals 3. Weekly Nutritionist Support 4. Workout Guidance

75 Hard Challenge


1. Daily Workouts (Twice a Day): Participants are required to engage in two separate 45-minute workouts each day. One of these workouts must be outdoors. 2. Read 10 Pages of a Non-Fiction Book: Participants need to read at least 10 pages of a non-fiction book every day. 3. Drink a Gallon of Water: You must consume one gallon (128 ounces) of water daily. 4. Follow a Diet: Stick to a diet plan of your choice. This could be anything from counting macros to following a specific eating style, but the key is to stick to it with no cheat meals. 5. Take a Progress Picture: Every day, you are required to take a progress picture to document your physical transformation.